ltha Taljaard

Founder, futurist & creative strategist

ltha started her career as a scientist, quickly moving into the corporate world working at companies such as Liberty Life, SBSA (Futurist) and Absa (heading up innovation) for 20 years. She founded Sense to Solve in July 2007 focusing on creativity and innovation.

ltha has multiple certifications and completed several courses such as Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking®, LEGO Serious Play™, Whole Brain™ Thinking, The neuroscience of thinking, etc. exploring and learning the intricacies of complex problem solving, the value of whole brain thinking and the ability to actively use and apply creativity in developing new and novel solutions through a deep level of understanding of how the brain works.

ltha has completed the ultra distance lronMan event successfully more than once. She is a keen cyclist, loves art, books, cooking, movies and the outdoors.


Thinking, innovation, applied creative thinking, creative problem solving, design thinking, business model innovation, the neuroscience of creativity and innovation, spatial innovation and creativity, leadership for creativity and innovation, integrated real time strategy, scenario development, trend spotting and futures thinking.

A specialist in thinking tools and techniques (including Lateral Thinking®, 6 Thinking hats®, Whole Brain Thinking®, Innovators toolkit), thinking systems, art and science of decision­making – decision biases, drive and motivation, futures thinking and scenarios


BSc (Hons) Chemistry
Certified: Lateral Thinking®, Six Thinking hats® (Edward de Bono, 12 years experience)
LEGO Serious Play TM ( 1 6 years experience). Note: Ith a was one of the 1st people in the world to be certified in this methodology and still uses it with great success
HBDI™ practitioner (Whole brain™ thinking, 9 years experience)