Armin Philipps

Head: Leadership & Learning, Retail & Business Banking Operations, at Absa Group Limited

  • Armin is a ‘fully imported German’ and enjoying South Africa since 1994 – the best year to come and start a life and career, ever!
  • He spent nearly 14 years in the South African Motor industry, learning not only business skills, but also crafting his leadership capabilities.
  • In 2006, he moved into the management consulting field as a senior resource, building businesses and getting exposed to many new fields within Leadership and talent development as well as to innovation in the corporate context.
  • Here he fell in love with the people aspect of business and the development of talent, learning and creativity. He led many advisory interventions for corporates, in South Africa and internationally, over time.
  • He is currently working in the Leadership & Learning space within Absa – an awesome experience!
  • His passions are:
    • the development and advancement of people on all levels,
    • combined with a keen interest in innovation and new learning technologies
    • delivering life-long learning solutions in organisations
    • and through his active coaching practice
Armin loves life, mountaineering, skiing, nature, his two sons and family; in his spare-time, he is passionate about continuous learning, reading at least one book a week, listening, searching and creating meaning for himself and others. He is currently busy setting up a start-up venture to provide a continuous, personal learning experience platform for anyone who is interested in learning.
Armin holds a B(Com) equivalent (Finance & Marketing) from the Fachhochschule Landshut (Germany), a MBA (GIBS) and a M(Phil) Coaching from USB.